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Nautical Software Solution's The Marina Program
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The Marina Program

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The Marina Program (TMP)


Nautical Software Solutions's The Marina Program (TMP) has been meeting the changing needs of Marinas since 1985. With over 350 installations nationwide as well as in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Australia, The Marina Program has accumulated a wealth of functionality to fit every Marina and harbor need. From small private owner/operators, to large multi-site ports customers rely on TMP for its ease of use, extensive marina functionality, and responsive customer service team.

Database Engine
Pervasive SQL is the standard database engine currently required by The Marina Program. A fast, reliable engine, Pervasive is also used in a number of multi-user accounting and management applications by companies such as Sage the makers of (Act, Platinum for Windows, Peachtree), Intuit, West Marine, Solomon, and Macola.

Customized Set-up
Nautical Software Solution realizes no two marinas are alike but by working with so many customers over the years TMP has managed to incorporate an extensive list of what would be custom features into a standard program. We complete a pre-configuration to set up the program, installing some general parameters, such as rates, recurring charges, taxes, G/L labels, and late fees. If the optional Harbor Graphic has been ordered, we will design the layout and set up the necessary data files. After the user installs The Marina Program, usually they just need to enter their tenant data and they are up and running.

Multiple Location Support
Increasingly marina operators are banding together into groups or expanding their operations to multiple facilities. TMP provides multiple levels of multi-site control enabling all information to be shared while still allowing per marina management, or keeping all information separate.

TMP makes it easy to quickly generate key financial, accounting, and marina operations reports. From the main tenant/guest screens operators can generate financial and account reports associated with a specific tenant. From a menu option operators can generate journal reports, account receivable reports, occupancy/vacancy inventory reports, and over 20 other miscellaneous reports. If a specific reporting need cannot be found in TMP's standard reports capabilities are provided so that external programs such as report writers can access the underlining TMP data.

A detailed manual is provided with each copy of The Marina Program along with installation instructions. Depending on staff time, staff computer skills, and staff bookkeeping experience, this is all that is needed. In all cases, there does need to be a member of the marina staff who will be the project manager and who is responsible for the installation, the project manager will see that all the necessary steps as outlined in the instructions and manual are followed, and will reconcile the old system with the new Marina Program system.

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